2022 Fieldwork Supervision Workshop

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2022 Fall Winter Fieldwork Supervision Workshop Recording

Models of Supervision in Genetic Counseling - Krista Redlinger-Grosse & Ian MacFarlane - 0:00

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Promoting Supervisor Skill-Building - Penny Chow - 57:27

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Staged Self-Directed Learning Model (SSDL) Handout

Revisiting LGBTQ+ Inclusivity - Brad Rolf - 1:37:43

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If you desire CEUs, once you have completed the training video, contact our program assistant, Tyler Hearing, by email (gcgp@uw.edu), and he will send you the quizzes and evaluation forms required by NSGC. CEU requests will be submitted to NSGC once in 2023 (November 2023) and once in 2024 (November 2024).