Here are Frequently Asked Questions about the UW GCGP admissions process, fieldwork rotations, and student life.

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I'm thinking about earning a master's in genetic counseling. How can I learn more about your program?
Watch our latest info session to learn about the UW GCGP and our accelerated 18-month graduate program. If you have questions after watching this recording, contact us.

How much does it cost to attend the UW GCGP?

Visit our Costs & Financial Aid page to learn more about the fees for attending our program and financial aid options.

I'd like to visit the GCGP. Can I stop by?

You're welcome to visit the GCGP offices, but visits are by appointment only. Please call 206-616-2134 or email Tyler Hearing to set up an appointment.

Prospective students can visit us any time of the year, but applicants who have submitted an application for the current admissions cycle cannot meet with anyone on the GCGP admissions committee between our application deadline and when the match list is due (generally December-April). The reason for this is we do not discuss admissions-related matters with applicants until after an admissions season has ended and we have filled our incoming class.

I'm applying this year. Can you give me some application tips?
Yes! Watch our latest application workshop to learn how to craft your best application. If you have questions after watching the recording, contact us.

Your application has many parts. How do I keep track of it all?

Print out our handy admissions checklist to keep track of all that you need to complete.

Do you require applicants take the GRE?
No. We do not require GRE scores. Do not send us your GRE score.

Do you accept applications from international students?
Yes. We welcome applications from students all over the globe.

How do I apply to the UW GCGP?

Visit our Admissions page for details on how to apply. Applications must be submitted online through the UW Graduate School.

How does the UW GCGP evaluate my application?

The UW GCGP uses a holistic admissions process based on nine attributes we consider to be essential for a genetic counselor and for success in our program. Your application will be assessed on the following:

  • Desire to be a genetic counselor
  • Alignment with UW GCGP mission, vision, and values
  • Commitment to diversity, anti-racism, and equity
  • Adaptability and growth
  • Capacity for empathy
  • Proficiency in languages other than English
  • Self-motivation
  • Self-reflection
  • Communication through writing

Who will evaluate my application?

Your application will be reviewed by our admissions committee which includes UW GCGP faculty, staff, and alums. Everyone involved in the admissions process has had training on implicit bias, and they've also been oriented to our program’s mission, vision, and values. We also try to bring an anti-racist and equity lens to our admissions committee discussions.

How will I know if the UW GCGP plans to interview me?

Applications undergo a rigorous review process before advancing to the interview phase. We will contact you by late January or early February if you have received an interview. All interviews are virtual and will take place in February and March.

How will I know if the UW GCGP plans to rank me?
Applicants who are invited to interview with us are the strongest applicants for a given cycle, and our intent is to rank every applicant that interviews with us who we believe can successfully complete our curriculum and who will be of benefit to their cohort and the program.

If I am accepted to the UW GCGP, can I defer my enrollment?
No. Due to the high demand for training slots in genetic counseling programs and restrictions of the match process, we do not grant deferrals.


Do I have to have a car to travel to fieldwork sites?
Not necessarily. Many of our fieldwork sites are located within Seattle and are accessible by public transportation and/or shuttle services. Some sites are in neighboring cities to Seattle, but all are accessible by public transportation. If you have any mobility or transportation issues, please discuss them with Penny Chow, Director of Fieldwork Education, before you receive your rotation placement.

Does my summer fieldwork rotation have to be completed in the Seattle area or can I go somewhere else?
You’re not required to complete your summer rotation in Seattle. If you’d like to do your summer rotation elsewhere, you will need to meet with Penny Chow, Director of Fieldwork Education, as early as possible to discuss the logistics of your desired rotation. There may be additional requirements to make these rotations feasible.

Student Life

Can I work while enrolled in the UW Genetic Counseling Graduate Program?
The UW GCGP's accelerated pace and workload is very demanding, so while you can work at a part-time job, we do not recommend it. You’ll be taking classes full time during your first three quarters, and you'll also have fieldwork rotations during regular business hours for four quarters.

Can I get university housing as a UW GCGP student?
Yes. The UW has convenient housing options for graduate students.


If you have more questions after reading these FAQs, contact us.